Een virtual tour als aparte belevenis

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Still knock you while surfing virtual tours of shops, restaurants, banquet halls, events … You can not think of whether you can virtually walk around. Virtual tours give us an unusual experience behind our computer. You can tell someone about how beautiful the building was from the inside, but it has much more impact if you just can display on your computer or smartphone. Quickly

Winning time

In Belgium, there are already numerous virtual tour made of shops, stadiums, radio stations, TV studios, events, festivals, catering business … We can use our computer behind a lot of discovery and in busy times such as these, where people still have to agree to do a trip we can still have a say in how certain buildings or new business look. barely time

Trips or outings plans

When we go on vacation, we want to enjoy the most of it. Therefore, we do a lot of research beforehand. Thanks existing virtual tours we can already look inside some restaurants to see whether we want to eat our evening meal. Whether we see a number of sites already home sometime. So we come home even more in the spirit of our trip. Thanks to the “virtualization” of the world, we can actually make some kind of home all around the world. That makes us extra hot for even the most beautiful places to go and look in real life.


Virtual tours can also provide a lot of afterglow. After a long trip, city break or day trip, you can still look at the nicest spots again from behind your computer or on your smartphone. It’s something different than a regular photo. For large events such as town festivals or festivals is a virtual tour of a handy tool to be more involved in the festivities people. A fine experience everyone will want to experience again sometime. Briefly returning to the place of action, involving all places or moments that you missed still view. Thus we complete our experience to relive the best moments even more.

Virtual tour = Premium Virtual Tour?

There are a lot of differences in quality virtual tour . Poppr also works with the best equipment and professional employees who has been specialized in making 360 degree panoramic photos. Our Premium Virtual Tours are made in very high resolution (Super HDR x154). We are also the only company in Belgium that these quality can meet. View our portfolio for some impressions of our Premium Tours.

Additional opportunities for Premium Virtual Tours

Music, sound, videos, informational pop-ups, additional photos and complete statements by the use of high tripods … it’s just a few of the many extras that we can handle. In a virtual tour

Creativity is here to make trump. Your virtual tour extra special If these additional options make the experience for the virtual visitor all the more impressive. Interactivity increases the involvement of the visitor and thus the pleasure he gets from his virtual walk. Virtual tours are easy to integrate on your website or Facebook page. Did you know that Poppr makes websites with virtual tours as a base? We are always available for more information.


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