5 Power Pact Gezonde Voeding Afvallen

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Some people are blessed with increasing rate of metabolism, but some are unfortunate as they eat every possible diet plan and don’t end up losing even an inch.

Exercising alone cannot be effective unless the food regime is very strict and sensible. Many people after spending hours over the internet, end up searching for fast healthy lose weight options.

Are you searching for healthy food lose weight options? If yes, then below is a small list of 5 power pact food products that will not only increase your metabolic rate, also will lead to healthy and effective lifestyle.

Grapefruits are must

Researchers have found that grapefruits are rich in an antioxidant called “naringenin”, it is responsible for maintaining the proper insulin level in the body, thus ensuring the accurate level of blood sugar. Ultimately, they lead to more calories to burn. This product when added in daily food requirements can be proven to be healthy food lose weight option.

Rolled Oats

Rolled oats are not only useful in satiating the hunger but are easy to digest food grains as well. The body uses more energy when digesting it, thus leading to more calorie burn. Every morning adding these fast healthy lose weight product ensures a healthy gut with increased metabolism.

Hot Peppers

According to researchers, having spicy food leads to 25% increase in metabolic rate. Various types of peppers like Jalapenos, habanero, and cayenne are not only helpful in adding flavors to any cuisine but are vested with the power to burn calories as well. Having these varieties of peppers on a platter is healthy food lose weight option.

Green Tea

When thinking of a healthy lifestyle, it’s hard to ignore green tea. They are rich in a substance known as “epigallocatechin”, which helps the body to burn calories. By consuming 3 cups daily, one can lose 80 calories a day. It is advised to drink tea along with a set of important exercise regime. When used daily, green teacan become a fast healthy lose weight potion.

Tuna Fish

Tuna is loaded with omega 3 fatty acid that releases a hormone called Leptin, which is also called as “satiety hormone”. This particular fish gives a feeling of being full and keeps a check on binge eating. Also, pays heed to the effective metabolic rate. If you get bored of eating this fish over and over, there are other options like –Salmon, sardines or herring.

These are the few options that are very effective for a balanced metabolic rate.



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